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WWDC 2024

The annual WWDC 2024 is just a few days away, so in this video, we’re going to go over what you can expect to see announced at Apple’s upcoming event.

iOS and iPadOS 18 are going to be probably the big stars of the WWDC 2024 show, and it’s expected to be a pretty major update with a heavy emphasis on AI.

Apple is expected to use large language models or LLMs to train Siri, which will theoretically result in major improvements to the personal assistant.

LLMs at WWDC 2024

LLMs are the backbone of popular AI offerings, like open AI ChatGPT, rumours suggest that Siri will have a more casual conversational feel with a much more natural voice.

WWDC 2024


Siri at WWDC 2024 should be able to do more than ever before, taking into account people, companies, calendar events, locations and dates.

Apple plans to give Siri control over individual features in apps, so Siri will be able to perform specific functions in applications that are not possible today.

Siri will for example be able to open specific documents move files from one folder to another delete an email summarize messages notifications and articles.

Apple has also inked a deal with open AI to integrate ChatGPT technology into iOS 18 and because Apple does not plan to build its own chatbot at this time, that’s why they’re going to be using ChatGPT.


ChatGPT will play an important part at WWDC 2024 and will also be an option feature for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 users, so if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to.

We can also expect at the WWDC 2024 to see Apple bring many new AI features to its own built-in applications, and you can check out the full list in the article linked down below.

But some of the ones that get me excited are Safari, and it’s new intelligent search option that will use AI to identify key topics and phrases on a web page, offering a quick summary.

Apple will also refresh the quick access menu and add some features currently in the share sheet, and there will be a web eraser tool that lets users hide unwanted portions of web pages that persist across visits, in the photos app, there will be a new AI-based feature for removing unwanted objects from images.

Shortcuts will better integrate with Siri, allowing for the automation of complex tasks with less effort, and the mail app will be able to suggest replies to incoming mails through a smart replies feature.

Plus it will have improved search and an option for summarizing long email threads, and Apple will finally be bringing a calculator app to the iPad.

I know, huge news, and I’m being semi-sarcastic, it actually is kind of big news because there hasn’t been one since the Inception of the iPad.

So now there will finally be a calculator on that tablet we’re also expecting a ton of changes to the home screen like the ability to arrange app icons in new ways and potentially change the colour of every app icon if you want to.

Apple WWDC 2024 Conference

Apple has also tested out a customizable control centre layout for iOS 18 and if adopted it will feature a drag-and-drop interface that lets some of the controls be reorganized Apple’s also planning to add a new Apple Music widget and improved controls for HomeKit prod products.

The passwords portion of the settings app will now be a standalone application that essentially offers all the functionality that’s currently available in the password section of settings, such as generating one-time passcodes and just generating passwords in general.

The app will include logins and passwords for websites, Wi-Fi network passwords and pass Keys which is a feature that uses face ID or touch ID to log into to websites instead of a password.

The best part about this app is that Apple plans to allow customers to import passwords from third-party, apps so that if you want to make the full switch you can do so.

There will be a way to access these passwords on Vision Pro and PCS, and honestly, hopefully, Android as well for those of you who might have two different devices.

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If you have an Android tablet and an iPhone, whatever the case may be, having it be basically like all the other third-party apps would be tremendous.

Now we should expect to hear more about RCS integration within the message’s app at WWDC, which will improve Communications with Android users.

RCS supports higher resolution photos and videos, larger file sizes, and file sharing audio messages, cross-platform Emoji reactions, real-time typing indicators, improved group chats and read receipts.

All of these features will be available in iPhone to Android text message threads when this feature launches.

Smarter Recaps

Lastly in WWDC 2024, iOS 18 Apple also plans to add smarter Recaps that will summarize the notifications that you’ve missed while in focus mode, the feature will make it easier to catch up with and skip over notifications that are not useful to you.

There’s plenty more to go over, honestly, but in the essence of keeping this video kind of short, please check out the article Linked In the description down below that’ll have all the details of everything that we’re expecting to hear at the WWDC 2024 event.

Now when it comes to Mac OS specifically much like iPad OS and iOS all kind of sharing the same features we’re expecting a lot of these AI features and feature parody to be kind of spread across Apple’s devices.

It’s what the company has done in the past, so the new additions in apps like messages mail photos Apple Music Etc all of that should be introduced to the Mac and Siri features will be in Mac OS 15 eventually.

Mac Specific Features

We’ve heard a very limited amount about Mac-specific features, but the calculator is expected to get a redesign kind of inspired by the iPhone calculator app, with rounded buttons and an enhanced unit conversion system, and system settings will be reorganized in a way that puts the most used features at the top of the app.

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Apple usually names Mac OS after a California landmark so drop your guesses in the comments down below, I think my guess kind of goes towards Mac OS seoa or Mac OS Mammoth.

Watch OS and TVOS, those don’t usually get a ton of stage time, I mean watch OS does but TVOS doesn’t get a lot of stage time.

We should expect Siri improvements to trickle down from those other platforms to watch OS and TVOS.

Specifically with the Apple Watch, we’ve heard rumours about the Apple Watch getting a version of Siri that is optimized for Theo tasks, resulting in a personal assistant that is able to do more from your wrist, which sounds delightful.

Apple Vision Pro Vision OS – WWDC 2024

Last but not least at the WWDC 2024 event, Apple Vision Pro Vision OS we should see Vision OS 2, and we should see that platform introduce dedicated Vision Pro versions of Apple apps that did not make it in the first version of the software so home Apple news reminders voice memos and calendars.

Blueberg Mark German has said that Apple will also add other missing features, but didn’t really provide us with specific details.

WWDC 2024 begins this Monday, June 10th with the keynote kicking things off at 10: a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

The keynote will be available on YouTube on Apple’s website in the Apple TV app, and in the Apple developer app of course.

Mac Rumors will have coverage with the live blog and through the Mac Rumors live Twitter account, if you are unable to watch it, I’ll have an event recap at some point after the event, and I’ll go Hands-On with the betas throughout the week.

When is WWDC 2024? Apple’s 35th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, (WWDC 2024), is just a few days away, kicking off on Monday, June 10 with a keynote event at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Apple plans to introduce iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, tvOS 18, watchOS 11, visionOS 2, and HomePod Software 18. No hardware is expected this year, with the focus set to be on software.

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WWDC 2024 – Apple’s 35th annual Worldwide Developers Conference

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