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Posting regularly on social media channels is the key to getting noticed.
Posting once or twice a week is a good start, then building on this to twenty posts a month.

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Looking after your social media marketing

We recommend Facebook, there are many relevant groups to join and post to, as well as posting directly on Facebook.

  • Getting your brand noticed
  • Includes fresh designs
  • Unique text for each post
  • We do everything for you

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Social Media Marketing Certified

Ever wondered why people can’t find you on social media?

If you’re not posting several times a week, you will just get lost in the constant social shuffle.
Did you know, there are over 4 billion items shared on Facebook each day.

Allow us to create and post for you, more than twenty posts per month for our low cost special price of £99.

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Making a difference with social media

Our social media agency specialise in creating posts and publishing them at the right time for each channel.

  • Up to six social channels
  • Includes fresh designs each time
  • Unique text for each post
  • Posting at the right times for each platform

Social Media is important for businesses, not posting regular? then you’re missing out!

Download our Free complimentary Social Media PDF.
The Power Of Social Media
10 Pages filled with tips about improving your social media efforts.
Tips about optimizing your profile, choosing your platforms, and creating a schedule.
If thats not enough, check out our 48 Social Media Post Ideas.

Why use a Social Media Agency? Here are a few points:

Expertise: Our social media agency has the expertise and experience to create and execute successful social media campaigns. We know the best practices, and can help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

Time savings: We can save you a lot of time as you won’t have to worry about creating content and posting to your social channels.

Peace of mind: Knowing that your social media presence is in good hands. Our social media agency will keep in contact with you throughout your campaign.

Scalability: As your business grows, you can easily scale your social media efforts by increasing your budget.

Creativity: Our social media agency can come up with creative ideas for your social media campaigns.

Measurement: Our social media agency can help you track the results of your campaigns so you can see what’s working and what’s not. This information can be used to improve your campaigns and achieve your goals.

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Creating & Marketing

1). Creating all your content
2). Publishing your content
3). Designing your social media posts
4). Writing unique content for each social media site
5). Posting any day or every day
6). Posting to 6 popular social media sites
7). Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & GMB

We’re maybe not the best social media agency, but we work hard for you
Managing your social posts

Looking after your social media marketing

  • Creating your social media content
  • Posting up to six social channels
  • Unique your content

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Our Digital Marketing skills can create a bespoke marketing campaign and implement SEO strategies to help you rank higher in search engine results.

We can assist in creating original and unique content and optimizing it for maximum engagement, including blog content and social media content.

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