What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research
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Why Keyword Research?

Use the keywords people are searching for.

  • Finding the right keywords
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Researching Keywords

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research involves the identification of words and phrases that are most likely to be used by potential customers when searching for your product or service.

What words and phrases do they use when searching for your product? What questions do they have about your product or service? Answering these questions will help you narrow down a list of potential keywords to use in your content.

Analyse the keywords to determine which ones are likely to be the most effective, looking at search volume (how many people are searching for a particular keyword), competition (how many other websites are targeting the same keyword), and relevancy (how closely the keyword relates to your product or service).

For existing websites, keyword research can also be used to identify ways to improve search engine optimization (SEO). By targeting specific keywords, businesses can increase their visibility in search engines and drive more organic traffic to their website.

Keyword research words
Only the right words will work

Optimize for what people are actually searching for
Use Two or Three word phrases

For best results, we always use 2, 3, or 4 keyword phrases

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