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Why Perplexity AI is Revolutionizing Business Research and Outperforming ChatGPT

I use a new AI tool called perplexity more than a ChatGPT Alternative, and more than Google in my business and today, we’re going to break down exactly why you want to use this tool and how it’s going to save you so much time.

I am somebody who spends a lot of time doing research a lot of time Googling things and when ChatGPT hit the scene, I knew this was going to change the game, this is going to save me hundreds of hours a month, and it has.

So then when recently a fellow co-worker suggested that I look at perplexity, the ChatGPT Alternative, I thought, how could anything possibly be better than ChatGPT?

I love ChatGPT, I use the paid version, and both Perplexity and ChatGPT have a free and a paid version.

I’m a big believer that, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, these tools save you so much time, and they’re going to save you so much money, get the pro version, it’s going to pay you back in dividends.

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First Used Perplexity

When my co-worker suggested that I try Perplexity, I thought ok, why not, because I’ve heard it’s a great ChatGPT Alternative.

Some may find these tools pretty complicated, but this looks too easy, it is beautiful, and it is seamless, so let’s start with all of the reasons why I love Perplexity.

Number one, I find it to be a far superior way to search just about anything on Perplexity versus Google, for example, just to test it, I simply typed in, “Look at any studies related to collagen and the Improvement of skin appearance and or reduction of wrinkles”.

What it did was, it scanned the internet, and not only does it pull up any information for me, it does a beautiful summary with citations. Definitely a ChatGPT Alternative.

So I can click and discover what specifically perplexity is pulling this information from, and it’s got this really cool feature where I can select focus.

For example, it’s got this focus tab where I can say all, and it’s searching everywhere on the Internet, or I can specifically select academic, and just search published academic papers.

And for certain people, certain things that you need to research that’s very important, you know to cite an example or to cite your source as being a magazine.

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The Research

I was doing that research, I quickly found that it was really hard to find a lot of the information, I was spending hours and hours Googling and looking at different sites.

I discovered that there was so much information on Reddit, but Reddit is like really going down a rabbit hole, and it felt very not only time-consuming, but it was very negative.

A lot of content there about their lives, it felt very gossipy, and you just had to read through reply posts, when I was looking for like very specific things like little trails that I could follow to research more and substantiate some of the things I could find on Reddit.

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Links To Reddit Posts

Well, perplexity has a tool that specifically sorts through everything on Reddit and then links to each individual post.

So I didn’t have to spend hours and hours and hours looking on Reddit, not to say that Reddit’s typically a source I would normally be using, but for this specific case, it was incredible.

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Co-Pilot Feature

Here’s another thing I love about perplexity, it’s got a co-pilot, so often, when you’re using ChatGPT or any AI, it’s only as good as your prompt, and if you’re not good at writing prompts the right way, whatever information is going to give back to you is only as good as a prompt that you’ve entered.

I do think this “Co-Pilot” feature makes it the best ChatGPT Alternative, but that’s just my opinion.

So for example, I can ask perplexity, “What does a woman over 50 need to focus on in order to improve her health” seems like a pretty basic question, but with co-pilot, it first makes sure that it understands the question, and then it will ask for additional information.

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Loving The Layout

I just love the way everything is written out, I love the layout, I love how easy it is to read, I love that it’s bulleted, and I feel like perplexity was made for me.

Some additional things I love about perplexity as a top ChatGPT Alternative, are that it’s ideal for academic research, it’s ideal for Learning and education, it will take lesson plans, and it will simulate all that information for you.

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Content Development

Another reason I believe it’s the best alternative to ChatGPT, is that It’s great for content development, and it’s ideal if you are an entrepreneur who needs to understand search and optimization.

We are using perplexity all the time to improve our titles, descriptions, and keywords, for our YouTube content, as well as just about anything else that we’re trying to improve, our search engine optimization, and our blogs.

I love the way it categorizes all of my past searches, so I can easily go back and look at information so it’s not lost, I personally use the Pro Plan, and I think it’s slightly discounted if you do the annual.

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Important Benefit

But here’s the major benefit of doing the pro version of perplexity, when you do the pro version of perplexity, it automatically gives you ChatGPT4.

I love ChatGPT, I was paying for that, so I was able to cancel my ChatGPT4 because now I get it by using the pro version of perplexity, so I’m getting both for the same price now.

The pro version also includes unlimited file uploads, now, you might be thinking, why would I need to upload a file? Well, perplexity has this vision feature which it can analyse anything you upload.

Unlimited Co-Pilot Searches?

There are so many different use cases, don’t quote me on this but, I believe it also gives you unlimited co-piloted searches, whatever the amount is, you could never go through it in a day, let’s just say that those co-piloted searches are so helpful.

Because that’s what gives you the opportunity to really customize the way that you are giving prompts to perplexity and perplexity, just like ChatGPT, allows you to customize your experience.

So you can basically teach both of these platforms certain things that it needs to do every single time you’re typing in a query.

For example, you can say, anytime I’m typing in any type of question, assume that I only want stats, sources, or research that have been published in The Last 5 Years.

Or whenever you respond, respond for me in bulleted form with the minimal number of words, and as abbreviated as possible. With ChatGPT, you now have access to some of their new integration tools daily.

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The Daily Feature

Daily is so cool, you can tell daily, I think that’s how you say it, what you can describe, and what type of logo you’re looking for, and it will create it for you.

It will create a crazy image for you, so ask daily to create a logo for “someone who’s really good at saving people money”, by knowing how to return things and not being taken advantage of, and it’s so funny.

Funny Logos

The logos that it came up with for me, so that’s been really fun, I like using it for that, in fact, I recently was like, I need numbers that look like big gold balloons, and it kept searching on Google Images.

I couldn’t find those, so I had daily create those for me and I used those, which is amazing, it’s really important to get the most out of either one of these platforms, but especially for those of you using ChatGPT to make sure that you tailor your experience and personalizing.

It is going to make this process even faster and more efficient for you, for example, if you’re a wellness coach, you can give ChatGPT Specific Instructions so that it always knows how to respond to certain client interactions, or you can also use ChatGPT to summarized text.

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Paste In Pages

I love this, I mean, you can paste in pages and pages and pages, it feels like when I first discovered ChatGPT, there seemed like a really short limit to the number of words that you could paste in, even with the pro version.

But now I’ve pasted in like I don’t know, at least 20 pages, and asked ChatGPT to summarize it and that’s a wonderful way, especially if you’re a podcaster or if you’re somebody who regularly creates content.


One thing you can do is put in transcripts from your podcast and have ChatGPT summarize it, then you record an updated version of that same topic without having to read through or relisten to your past pieces of content, just summarize it and update it, and boom you’re creating content faster than ever.

I also love using ChatGPT or perplexity, (the ChatGPT Alternative), to reverse check my facts, I can type in a fact like wearing a weighted vest while walking helps to improve bone density for women over 50.

I can ask ChatGPT to find sources to support that fact, now again I’m very biased I am much happier with the way it’s laid out, and the efficiency of perplexity.

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Is Perplexity Number 1?

So if I haven’t already convinced you, first of all, you need to be using AI to speed up the process of your business to make life easier for you to have more credible sources.

Number one and number two, if I had to choose one or the other, I would highly recommend perplexity until something better comes along.

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Why Perplexity AI May Be Considered Better than ChatGPT

Some key points;

In the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, numerous conversational AI models and chatbots are vying for dominance.

Among these, Perplexity AI has emerged as a notable competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

While both platforms offer advanced capabilities, there are several reasons why some users might consider Perplexity AI to be better than ChatGPT.

Below, I’ll outline the potential advantages of Perplexity AI over ChatGPT, taking into account various factors such as usability, functionality, accuracy, and user experience.

  1. Accuracy and Precision of Responses

Perplexity AI is designed to provide highly accurate and precise responses. Its architecture focuses on reducing ambiguity and misunderstanding in its interactions.

This focus on clarity and exactness can lead to a better user experience, particularly in applications where precise information is crucial.

While ChatGPT is also highly capable, it can sometimes generate responses that are overly verbose or less precise, potentially leading to misunderstandings or the need for further clarification.

  1. Real-Time Information Retrieval

One of the standout features of Perplexity AI is its ability to retrieve and process real-time information. This capability is particularly valuable in contexts where up-to-date information is critical, such as news, financial markets, or rapidly changing fields like technology and medicine.

While ChatGPT can provide a wealth of knowledge based on its training data, it is limited to the information available up to its last update.

Perplexity AI’s real-time information retrieval ensures that users receive the most current data, enhancing the reliability and relevance of its responses.

  1. Specialization and Domain Expertise

Perplexity AI can be tailored to exhibit domain-specific expertise, making it exceptionally useful for specialized applications.

Whether it’s legal advice, medical consultations, or technical support, Perplexity AI can be fine-tuned to deliver highly relevant and expert-level responses in specific fields.

ChatGPT, while versatile, is a more general-purpose AI and may not reach the same level of specialized expertise without significant customization and training.

  1. User Interface and Experience

Perplexity AI often incorporates a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. This emphasis on ease of use can make it more accessible to a broader audience, including those who may not be as technologically savvy.

The streamlined and straightforward design can enhance user satisfaction and engagement, making interactions smoother and more productive.

While ChatGPT has a robust and functional interface, Perplexity AI’s focus on user experience can be a differentiating factor for many users.

  1. Integration and Compatibility

Perplexity AI boasts strong integration capabilities, allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into various platforms and workflows.

Its API can be easily integrated with existing systems, making it a versatile tool for businesses looking to enhance their operations with AI.

This compatibility extends to a wide range of applications, from customer service to data analysis. ChatGPT, while also offering integration options, may require more extensive customization to achieve the same level of seamless integration, depending on the specific use case.

  1. Cost Efficiency

For many businesses and individuals, cost is a significant consideration when choosing an AI platform. Perplexity AI can often provide a more cost-effective solution, especially when considering long-term usage and scalability.

Its pricing models may be more flexible, allowing for better alignment with varying budgetary constraints. While ChatGPT offers competitive pricing, Perplexity AI’s cost efficiency can be a compelling advantage for users who need to balance performance with affordability.

  1. Security and Privacy

In an era where data security and privacy are paramount, Perplexity AI emphasizes robust security measures to protect user data.

This focus can be particularly appealing to businesses and individuals concerned about the confidentiality and integrity of their information.

While ChatGPT also adheres to high security standards, Perplexity AI’s specific features and assurances regarding data protection may provide additional peace of mind to its users.

  1. Customization and Flexibility

Perplexity AI offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor the AI to meet their specific needs and preferences.

This flexibility extends to various aspects of the AI’s behaviour, output format, and interaction style. Such customization can lead to more personalized and effective use of the AI, enhancing user satisfaction and achieving better outcomes.

While ChatGPT is also highly customizable, Perplexity AI’s approach to flexibility and user-specific adaptation can provide a more tailored and optimized experience.

  1. Support and Community Engagement

Perplexity AI’s support system and community engagement are often highlighted as key strengths. Users can benefit from responsive customer support and active community forums where they can share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on solutions.

This robust support infrastructure can enhance the overall user experience, providing assistance and fostering a sense of community.

ChatGPT, while supported by a large and active community, may not always offer the same level of direct support and engagement.

While both Perplexity AI and ChatGPT are powerful AI platforms with their own unique strengths, Perplexity AI offers several distinct advantages that may make it the preferred choice for certain users.

Its emphasis on accuracy, real-time information retrieval, specialization, user experience, integration capabilities, cost efficiency, security, customization, and support makes it a compelling alternative to ChatGPT.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on specific needs and preferences, but Perplexity AI’s features position it as a strong contender in the realm of conversational AI.

ChatGPT Alternative - Perplexity image

Here is a list of other ChatGPT Alternatives, which includes various AI-based conversational agents and chatbots developed by different organizations:

General AI Chatbots:

Google Bard – Developed by Google, Bard is designed to assist with general queries and tasks.
Microsoft’s Bing Chat – A chatbot integrated with Microsoft Bing search engine, powered by advanced AI.
Jasper Chat – Part of the Jasper AI suite, offering conversational AI tailored for businesses and creative tasks.
Claude by Anthropic – A conversational AI developed by Anthropic with a focus on safety and ethics. – Allows users to create and interact with personalized AI characters in various roles.
Replika – An AI companion chatbot designed for meaningful conversations and emotional support.
YouChat – An AI chatbot integrated with the search engine, offering search and conversational capabilities.

Enterprise-focused AI Chatbots:

IBM Watson Assistant – A robust AI platform for building conversational interfaces across various industries.
Salesforce Einstein – AI-driven features within the Salesforce platform to enhance customer relationship management.
Oracle Digital Assistant – AI-powered chatbot for enterprise applications, integrated with Oracle’s cloud services.
SAP Conversational AI – A chatbot platform that integrates with SAP systems to streamline business processes.

Industry-specific AI Chatbots:

Mitsuku (Kuki) – An award-winning chatbot known for its conversational capabilities, often used in entertainment and customer service.
Ada – An AI chatbot designed for customer support, helping businesses automate and improve customer service interactions.
Drift – A conversational marketing and sales platform that uses AI to engage website visitors and qualify leads.
Bold360 by LogMeIn – Combines AI with human support to provide customer engagement solutions across various industries.
LivePerson – AI-powered conversational commerce platform, enhancing customer interactions and sales through messaging channels.

Open Source and Developer Tools:

Rasa – An open-source framework for building custom AI chatbots, with a focus on machine learning and natural language understanding.
Botpress – An open-source chatbot development platform designed for developers to create highly customizable AI chatbots.
Microsoft Bot Framework – A comprehensive framework for building and connecting intelligent bots across various channels.

Emerging and Niche AI Chatbots:

SnatchBot – A platform for building AI chatbots for multiple channels, with a focus on ease of use and integration.
Landbot – A no-code chatbot builder that allows businesses to create conversational interfaces for websites and messaging apps.
Flow XO – A platform for building, deploying, and managing chatbots across multiple channels, emphasizing automation and workflow integration.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different needs, from general-purpose conversational AI to specialized industry applications.

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