Google Ranking Factor Leaked @nathangotch

Google Ranking Factor Leaked

If you’re doing SEO then you have to watch this video because there was just a massive leak of the Google Ranking Factor so I’m going to jump over to my computer and I’m going to show you exactly what has been discovered.

Okay so before we dive in just want to make sure you know who I am? I’m Nathan Gotch the founder of Gotch SEO Academy.

This is the number one SEO training program for agencies and you can see we’ve got the whole Community here I’m also the founder of an SEO software called Rankability.

I’m the author of The SEO Entrepreneur and I also have gotten a lot of SEO results over the last decade, but I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw that Rand Fishkin had posted about this and basically, just you know I’m going to take all of this technical stuff and I’m going to make it simple.

Number one nav boost all this kind of technical language I’m just going to keep it really simple once you’re ranking if people are not clicking on your result that’s a real problem.

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Google Search Console

The good news is you can go right into Google search console and you can see your CTR data that’s an area where you can Benchmark and try to improve.

Google Chrome

The next one is Chrome if you’re using a Google product they are tracking everything that you’re doing so they’re using all the data at their disposal to determine what should rank.

Number three is brand and EAT, the biggest element is your overall brand, and your overall brand is likely determined by a lot of external variables that will affect your Google ranking factor.

That’s going to be backlinks, possibly could be branded searches, it could be a bunch of other signals outside of your website, so building a brand is important and that’s why I’m publishing YouTube videos I’m not just relying on Google for my google ranking factor.

If I only relied on Google then that would be not super smart at all, so we should be building out kind of an omnipresent strategy around any brand that we’re working with.

To focus on just building a brand, don’t think about SEO, think about building a brand.

And building a presence on the websites that are most relevant to what you do which then can drive relevant referral traffic into your website, which is going to produce the positive signals on your site.

If we’re trying to produce positive user signals on the site we need to drive Max maximum relevant traffic to our website, because relevance is the name of the game.

Number four is all about freshness, we need to focus on having fresh assets and the way that we do that is we set a Cadence for updating and upgrading our assets.

You know, every 6 to 12 months typically, okay and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a full rebuild at least building some new freshness into that asset is really smart.

Okay, that’s going to make a big difference, I’ll talk more about that in a second, and then content and Link signals.

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Domain Authority

It’s no surprise that link signals are huge and when we’re talking about domain Authority, this is not Moz’s domain, we’re just talking about the overall domain strength from a link profile perspective.

There’s a high probability that they use this, it’s pretty clear there’s been overwhelming studies and evidence that backlinks make a huge difference.

Even debating it would be foolish at this point, so it’s a huge Factor, so those are kind of like the core things, it’s basically, click data, user data, obviously content itself, your reputation and your brand and then backlink signals.

We’re just going to walk through some simple things that you can do to make sure that your content is built for maximum rankings.

Unique Content

Number one is uniqueness, the number one thing you should do with your content is when you pick a keyword, start to think about what is the unique angle, and the unique thing that you can build that no one else has done.

Sometimes it’s a full on completely Purple Cow type of angle, another google ranking factor, okay so here’s a quick example of a purple cow type of angle.

When I wanted to rank for this keyword, I looked at all the results and basically, I saw this bunch of generic kind of list posts where people probably just went to Amazon and threw them into a list.

What I did is, I actually went and purchased all of the books in the SEO space and I actually read them and then reported on all these books.

I took pictures, I have Visual Evidence, there’s evidence that I did this because there’s Nuance in this post that I had to have read it to know it right.

Consistent publication of engaging content.

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The Purple Cow

So this is just a small example of a purple cow type of angle, sometimes there are situations where you can’t do this, it’s just not possible, so in other ways, you can create differentiation using other techniques.

So this is just one small example another one is like you know best CMS for SEO, like I’m winning on this one right now of course but I’m beating some really powerful websites, and once again, this is just based purely on uniqueness, like I just did something that was a purple cow Angle.

Now that’s not always the case, I’m not always looking for a really hard purple cow type of angle to win, sometimes it’s a very simple angle which is just being the most relevant page possible.

So what I did is instead of finding some purple cow angle like one of these I just basically said well I’m just going to build the most relevant piece of content because no one else has done that.

Competitive Keywords

So you don’t need to always go to such extreme lengths, you only need to do this when it’s a highly competitive keyword, but when it’s not a competitive keyword, sometimes just building out the most relevant asset is the angle that you have to do, it’s literally as simple as that.

So there are a lot of other things you can do to build proper engagement on a page, but just so you know this is when I’ll be talking about this.

But this is the first place to begin, it’s like how do I create something different than what’s currently ranking to help with your Google ranking factor, sometimes the whole angle is just micro pieces of that.

Now we’re going to move on to number two here for a good Google ranking factor, which is freshness, right, I already talked about this but make it a part of your routine.

You’re constantly trying to update your assets and depending on the competition of that asset you should be doing it.

Probably you know, every 3 to 6 months at least revisiting it and seeing how it’s doing, but if it’s not super competitive, you could expand that out further.

The more competition there is, the the smaller the window is to keep that app to keep it to keep it as fresh as possible, okay so highly highly recommend putting that into your workflow.

Search Intent

Number three is fulfilment, and when I’m talking about fulfilment, I’m talking about fulfilling search intent, this is really critical.

You could get uniqueness, you could get freshness, but if you don’t, if your page does not actually help the Searcher, it’s not going to matter right because the Searcher will not engage on that page and if we can’t produce good engagement on that page then the whole system breaks down.

So if we’re producing positive signals on the page that’s an indication that we have fulfilled the intent properly, that’s the key, so you can just go into Google Analytics and you can see with engagement rate.

Okay, and I’ll be talking here in a second about engagement but you can go and look at the engager, you can see how that page is performing, we can use user tracking data.

Like HotJar or Mouse flow to see how users are engaging on your page and that will help us figure out if have we fulfilled the intent, that’s what matters and Google is looking at this so do not take it lightly.

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Number four in the google ranking factor story is relevance, okay, this goes back to search intent, so these are kind of cousins when it comes to this but we have to build out the most relevant page possible for the query.

So this comes back down to relevance now, there’s a way that you can do this, there’s a smart way and an ineffective way to do this.

The way that I do it, it’s just going to tell you in full transparency the way that I do it is I, of course, use my own software to do this.

I was ranking number like 70 or something for SEO for dentists, let’s say in the top three, okay so I built this asset with NLP in mind and all of these are topics that needed to be fulfilled in this content to build a properly relevant asset.

The big difference with this with rankability compared to the other tools is that we don’t care about how many times you mention a specific keyword, that does not matter, what I view these as are topics.

These are topics that we have to hit in the content, and that’s critical cuz we’re trying to build the most relevant page imaginable to help with the Google ranking factor.

So if you’re not using this data then you don’t have the information you need to build a highly relevant asset.

You can guess, you can try to piece something together with Chat GBT, but it will never be as effective as actually extracting the NLP ideas from the competitors, and then making sure you’re hitting on those same topics, now there’s a Nuance here, this is very important, it’s not just about hitting the NLP topics.

That’s kind of like part one, but going back to what I mentioned before, which is going back to uniqueness, okay uniqueness, which is critical is you want to have sections in this content that have certain levels of uniqueness, meaning other people who are creating content for this keyword have not talked about this stuff.

So what I do is I look at my content, I say okay, we got a lot of green that’s good, that means we’re hitting on the core topics, but then what I want to see is a lot of blank spots a lot of areas where there’s no green.

So we got this whole block here where there’s not a lot of green, that’s a good thing for me, that means there’s something I put in this content that’s unique and then the final piece of this is engagement.

There’s a few things you can do on engagement, you don’t have to guess, use Google Analytics 4.

I published this video 8 months ago talking about GA4 engagement rate, you can integrate the Google Analytics 4 API into Screaming Frog, crawl your whole site and then you can get the engagement rate for each page on your site.

This is just one thing that you can Benchmark and you can get an average so what I like to do is I’ll take the average engagement rate on my entire website okay average engagement rate.

Let’s say it’s you know 50, okay that’s my average engagement rate well then any page that’s below that 50% average, is a page that I want to investigate further, I want to look into it I want to see why is that engagement rate so poor on that page and I won’t get into you know what produces good engagement.

But there are small things like, if you look up the keyword script timer, it’s just a simple tool, it fulfils the intent and it produces good user signals, right, because what people are doing, they’re actually coming in here, they’re actually using it, and they’re calculating, and stuff is happening here, and then they bookmark it, they link to it and they share it.

This is what it’s all about – @nathangotch

Nathan Gotch is a well-known figure in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). He is the founder of Gotch SEO, an SEO training and consulting company that helps businesses and individuals improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. Nathan Gotch is recognized for his expertise in SEO and digital marketing, and he has built a reputation for providing practical, actionable advice through his blog, courses, and various online platforms.
Background and Expertise

Nathan Gotch has been involved in the SEO industry for many years. He has gained significant experience and knowledge, which he shares through his educational content and consulting services. His approach to SEO is data-driven and focuses on sustainable, white-hat techniques that comply with search engine guidelines.
Gotch SEO Academy

One of Nathan Gotch’s notable contributions to the SEO community is the Gotch SEO Academy. This is an online training program designed to teach individuals and businesses how to execute effective SEO strategies. The academy covers a wide range of topics, including keyword research, on-page SEO, content creation, link building, and technical SEO. The goal of the academy is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to improve their website’s search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.
Content and Resources

Nathan Gotch is also known for his extensive content on SEO, which he publishes on his blog, Gotch SEO. His blog articles are well-researched and provide in-depth insights into various aspects of SEO. Topics he covers often include:

Keyword Research: Techniques for finding and targeting the right keywords to attract relevant traffic.

On-Page SEO: Best practices for optimizing website content and structure to improve search engine visibility.

Link Building: Strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks to enhance domain authority and rankings.

Technical SEO: Ensuring that a website is technically sound to be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.

Content Marketing: Creating valuable content that attracts and engages users while supporting SEO goals.

Thought Leadership and Influence

Nathan Gotch is considered a thought leader in the SEO community. He frequently shares insights on industry trends, algorithm updates, and effective SEO practices.

His practical approach and ability to simplify complex SEO concepts have made him a respected voice in the industry.

He often engages with the SEO community through social media, webinars, and speaking engagements at industry conferences.

Conclusion: Nathan Gotch is a prominent SEO expert known for his practical and effective approach to search engine optimization.

Through his company, Gotch SEO, and the Gotch SEO Academy, he provides valuable training and resources to help businesses and individuals improve their online presence.

His contributions to the SEO community, including his blog and educational content, have established him as a trusted authority in the field.

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