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Never give up!

Story Inspired by Rachel Mitchell

I remember one time, many years ago, when the majority of my income was from marketing, I would say around 60%

It was October, I was a few days from going on holiday when a client phoned to say he was pulling out of his marketing, I can’t say what happened, but it lost me a basic weeks wage if you like
Anyway, no big deal at the time

So off I went on holiday, a lovely time for a few days until I got food poisoning, so poorly for nearly 3 days

2 days after recovering and getting back into my holiday, the hotel was hit by legionnaires’ disease, and everyone was told they would be moving to other hotels

As we, and a couple of others were going home in the morning, we stayed at our hotel, as they assured us the whole thing had been exaggerated

Of course, by this time, I really just wanted to get back home

I had lost a good contract, I had been quite ill, and then the legionnaires’ disease in the hotel

Then, I got a phone call from another company saying they would no longer require my marketing services, this was not good, as they were paying well for their services and this was going to be a massive hit

The problem here was, after some years of marketing their business and getting them good listings, everyone who was looking for their products was no longer searching using keywords, they were simply typing in their company name because by this time, everyone in that niche knew who they were

The thing is, when I got home, feeling quite low, I went into my office, and I distinctly remember sitting at my computer and letting out a big sigh and thinking right, let’s get back to work.

I worked so hard for several months and put myself above where I was previously

It was a terrible time, losing 2 clients in a matter of a couple of weeks, food poisoning, legionnaires’ disease in the hotel, and losing so much income.

If I had given up, where would I be? Successful people never give up, and if you are willing to work hard, provide a product or service that people want, you WILL get there.

Just don’t give up!

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