Web designers UI designers – UK Web Design In 2024 has arrived and you don’t want to show up looking like 2023 because that would be so last year.


“In 2024, web design trends prioritize user experience, accessibility, and innovation. Dark mode themes enhance visual appeal and reduce eye strain.

Immersive experiences through 3D elements, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) elevate engagement. Minimalist designs with ample white space and bold typography streamline content delivery. Voice user interfaces (VUIs) and chatbots enhance interactivity and navigation.

Responsive design remains paramount for seamless browsing across devices. Sustainable web design practices promote eco-consciousness and energy efficiency. Overall, web design in 2024 embraces creativity, functionality, and inclusivity to deliver memorable and accessible digital experiences”.


I’m going to share with you my predictions for the 10 design trends that I see coming up in 2024.

The first trend that has been very popular in 2023 is going to continue into UK Web Design 2024 and is the trend of dimensionality and layering.

When I say dimensionality and layering, I mean layering elements on top of elements, it could be text on top of images, or it could be images on top of text, or it could be shaped on top of anything.

For UK Web Design 2024, It’s just this scattered element scrapbook style that brings a lot of interest, and the reason that this dimensionality is so interesting is that it brings a little bit of life to your designs.

And we’re starting to get away from that desire of everything on the web and inside of your interface looking flat so start getting used to this art artistically placed scattered element dimensionality because it’s going to bring that life to your projects in UK Web Design 2024.

The next trend that popped off in 2023 it’s going to continue growing is the usage of 3D elements in every single thing that we do why because it offers these moments of cool interactivity of Storytelling and the tools have now become incredibly cheap and easy to use and accessible for everybody who are involved with UK Web Design 2024.

So the technology is cheaper, it’s more available and it’s easy to use, there’s tools like Spline and Adobe Dimension and all these other tools out there that are making it available not to 3D Specialists but to normal old uk web design 2024 and UI design Joe’s like you and me.

And so we’re going to continue to see the use of 3D in not just splash screens in singular moments but across entire applications because of that cool interactivity that it offers.

The next trend that we’re going to see a lot of this coming year in UK Web Design 2024 is the trend of complex animations, when I mean complex animations, I don’t mean things moving left right up or down, I mean scroll animation, scroll hijacking, entrance Parallax, and more than that, we can even see animations using the cursor.

UK Web Design 2024 image

Things are interactive now and they’re going to continue to be interactive because again of the interest that it brings.

Because of the ease of use, you can see elements moving everywhere which makes even the most serious website or interface just that much more fun.

It just hits dopamine and I think one of the real kind of like reasons behind this trend is because of tools like Gap and Rive that are making the ability to create all of these animations again.

Very seamless, very easy to do, and simple to integrate into any project that you’re working on, whether it’s a native app web application website software, or whatever it is, you can work these animations in their very low weight, they don’t cost a whole lot and they are awesome for UK Web Design 2024.

A trend that I am very excited about in UK Web Design 2024 is the departure away from neutral calm kind of boring colour palettes and the move into vibrant colours and vibrant gradients used pretty much everywhere.

With the reintroduction or the acceptance of styles like brutalism. Neo brutalism, we’re going to see cool use of colour that is just a lot more playful and a lot more fun.

You’re going to see gradients being mixed around with textures and the whole thing is going to feel fresh and fun and I mean from website to mobile application we’re going to see stuff like this everywhere, why, because again I think that 2024 is going to be the year of fun.

It’s going to be the departure from boring serious corporate stuff and we’re going to start moving into interactive fun colourful and vibrant experiences on the web and on mobile devices.

AI Imagery

2023 was the year where AI artwork exploded but it was a bit rough around the edges and with the advancements of the tools in this last year moving into UK Web Design 2024, we are going to see a huge explosion with AI artwork and AI imagery.

Again, because now it is way more possible to find assets and visual things that can help fit the needs of any project, we’re going to say goodbye to stock imagery and we’re going to say hello to really cool customized dialled-in AI imagery and again some of my favourite tools to do that is going to be things like mid-Journey.

Pretty soon we’re going to be able to prompt directly in the tool no longer using things like Discord Adobe Express, AKA Adobe Firefly, and all of their AI technology and abilities are going to be amazing.

So get used to prompting and increase that prompting skill of yours so you get the types of assets that you need for your projects in 2024.

It’s also going to be the year where some of the trends that we’ve been playing with for the past few years that have been maybe optional they’ve been Fringe or maybe they’ve been nice to haves are all of a sudden going to become mandatory.

One of those mandatories is the trend of dark mode, it has arrived, it is a thing, and it’s no longer an afterthought or a nice to have.

We have to start committing to understanding how wonderful dark modes can be a lot of these UK Web Design 2024 websites and mobile or native applications support both light and dark and a lot of them even allow you to toggle back and forth between light and dark modes.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also have to have some sort of automatic logic to them that knows, hey, if it’s the daytime give us the light mode if it’s night time give us the dark mode or just tune in to whatever the native devices setting is dark mode is here and it’s here to stay.

So if you don’t know how to use varying degrees of black and dark colours to Brand them and tone them a little bit you better get used to it cuz this trend is a big one now.

I wouldn’t say that Apple invented our next trend for UK Web Design 2024 which we’re going to talk about, but they did have a huge influence on design as a whole and that next trend is the Bento grid.

Apple has started to become very well known for these Bento grids, Microsoft did a lot of this as well in the surface design back in the day but they’ve become popularized now and the reason that Bento grids are so great is because they offer this sense of organization uniformity they feel modern.

Where we can kind of encapsulate different elements but the whole thing just works together, they’re especially fun when they offer some interactivity, like this bentos can be done for the web for mobile devices.

For Native software, they’re just a really fun simple and easy-to-use design style that is great for any UK Web Design 2024 project that you’re working on, so maybe keep this in your peripherals because the bento’s coming for you.

All right listen up, a lot of you are not going to like what I’m about to say but this next trend that’s coming in 2024 is all of our fault, and that is the trend of morphism, notice I didn’t say skew morphism or new morphism or glass morphism, it’s all of the above and the reason it’s making a return is because we are tired we’ve overused the flat modern Sleek design.

We are now looking for textures and real-world applications, things that make it feel tangible so if that’s glass, fine if that’s Shadow, fine if that’s texture, fine but guess what, morphism in general is going to make a comeback and it’s not going to happen for entire interfaces, but it’s just going to be small little moments of joy and dopamine hits.

So if you are uncomfortable designing in that morphism way, get comfortable with it because it’s here to stay for UK Web Design 2024.

The next trend has been a trend for a while and I think it’s going to keep being a trend in UK Web Design 2024 because it’s really interesting and really fun and that is massive typography.

Massive typography used on the web is going to be here to stay, massive typography in web applications interesting things done offset offscreen typography.

It’s going to be happening as well inside of mobile applications, this doesn’t look as massive, but I promise you in the context of the screen real estate, we’re working with on mobile a lot of this is way larger than it ever used to be.

And again, because it’s going to be the year of fun experimentation of doing things that kind of bust out of the seams a little bit, with a little bit more playfulness, so get ready to amp up those type sizes in 2024.

Web Design in 2024 trends image

The last trend on the list is less of a design trend and more of a tool trend, but that’s going to be the continued trend of using no-code tools to build out our UK Web Design 2024 websites and our applications.

Why? Because no code tools are awesome you can use web flow right now which made some game-changing moves in 2023.

They introduced variables and applications, logic and all sorts of amazing things this is not just for building websites anymore it’s for building anything and everything that you want to frame made a huge Splash in 2023 with their AI UK Web Design 2024 website creation.

It’s a tool that feels like Figma, makes responsive websites fast, and a lot of those advanced features like CMS, and all that kind of stuff, have started to roll out, and it’s Pretty stinking good.

Last on the list is Wix Studio, they are a platform that allows you as an agency for UK Web Design 2024, somebody who wants to do a lot of different client work with drag-and-drop interfaces, you don’t know how to code anymore you just need to have a vision and that leads me to my final thoughts about these design Trends.

As well as everything that’s going to happen in 2024 and Beyond, if I could boil it down to two words, those two words would be less friction for UK Web Design 2024.

I think from here on out there’s going to be less friction for creators who don’t necessarily have a technical skill of 3D animation or code but they do have a concept they do have an idea.

I think from here on out the friction to create that to manifest it to make it come to life is going to be much less, therefore making it so much more enjoyable and easier.

And I’m excited about that I think if you have a vision you have an idea that there should be fewer things to stand in your way, so what do you think about all these design trends?

Are you excited about them are you not excited about them? Do you think there’s other trends that are coming that I missed?

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